Product & Product Stock Configuration

Product & Product Stock Configuration

  • Auto Create Product:

        If the product does not exist in Odoo and when importing from WooCommerce you would like to create in Odoo then you need to check this option. 


If you check this option then the connector will create a few products in Odoo based on
SKU (Unique Identifier). This option should not be checked until you want to create a new
product in Odoo while importing products from WooCommerce Store.

  • Use Default Product Description:

        When we check this option and import the product from WooCommerce, the WooCommerce product description will be imported into Odoo.

  • Auto Validate Inventory:

        When we import the inventory from WooCommerce store to Odoo the connector will not import inventory in Odoo master (Inventory app). We need to validate inventory Adjustment from the Inventory app and then you will see the right inventory level in Odoo. Check this option if you would like to automate this process and have the inventory reflect immediately in Odoo master when you import it.


If you are selling on multiple ecommerce platforms then it is not recommended to check
this option otherwise it will reflect to your other ecommerce platforms.

  • Stock Field:

        You can set either Free To Use Quantity or Forecast Quantity. When we update inventory from Odoo to WooCommerce it will update the selected quantity.

Free To Use Quantity:

        Quantity On Hand - Reserved Quantity

Forecast Quantity: 

        Quantity On Hand - Outgoing + Incoming

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