WorkFlow Automation

        Once the product and customer is available or created, the second most import thing is
WorkFlow Automation. You can create WorkFlow Automation from WooComemrce Connector >
Configuration > WorkFlow Automation.

        You can create Workflow based on the payment methods. Let’s take an example. Suppose you have two types of Payment methods. First, there are prepaid orders for which you have already received payment from the customer, and second, there are postpaid orders (i.e. Cash On Delivery) for which you will receive payment when the order is delivered.

You can click on ‘Create’ button to configure the workflow.

  • Name:

        You can give the workflow name (i.e. Prepaid Orders).

  • Sales Journal:

        Select the Sales Journal wherein, you would like to register a customer's purchase.

  • Confirm Order:

        When we import the order from WooCommerce to Odoo, the order will be in quotation stage. However, if you would like to confirm the quotation then, please check this option so that you will directly get the sales  order.

  • Lock Confirmed Order:

        This is default Odoo functionality, which will lock sales order. However, it is not advisable to check this option if you are planning to cancel or refund the order from Odoo.

  • Create Invoice:

        If you wish to create an invoice automatically then, you can check this option. You can check this option for prepaid orders.

  • Validate Invoice:

        It will validate the invoice.

  • Register Payment:

        It will register the payment in selected payment journal.

  • Payment Journal:

        Select the payment journal to register the payment.

  • Debit Method:

        Select debit method.

  • Invoice Date Same As Order:

        Normally, when we create the invoice, it will take ‘current date’. However, if we check this option then it will take the order date when you create the invoice. If you are creating the invoice after receiving the payment from the customer then you can check this option.

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