Import Products

  • Prerequisite:

        We have to give unique SKUs to all of our WooCommerce products including variants then we will be able to import the products from WooCommerce to Odoo.

We need to import products manually for the first time from the operations.

Step - 1 

        You need to go to WooCommerce Connector > Operations > WooCommerce Operations > Import Products.

Step - 2 

        Give From and To Date. And if you don’t want to update your existing Odoo products which are already imported from WooCommerce then select ‘Do you want to Update Existing Product ?’. Click on Perform Operation.

Step - 3

        Go to Product Queue and Open queue which is in Draft stage.


If you have multiple queues then you can use the filter option to open only Draft state

In each queue you will get 125 products. If you have a large product catalog on WooCommerce
store then multiple queues will be generated.

Step - 4

        Process Queue. You can process this queue either manual from the “Process Queue Manually” Option or The connector will automatically process it within a couple of minutes.

Once we process queues and if there is any misconfiguration then we will get all the information in a single screen. You need to go to Process History wherein, you will get all the information.

        When the queues are processed, you will see them in the ‘done’ stage and products will be imported into Odoo Master and WooCommerce Connector (WooCommerce Connector > Products > WooCommerce Template).

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