Order & Tax Configuration

Order & Tax Configuration

  • Sales Team:

        If you would like to set a Sales team for this option then select the relevant option from the drop-down option. 

  • Use Sale Order Default Sequence:

        If you activate this option, when you import the orders from WooCommercehttp:// store to Odoo the order number will be followed as per default Odoo Sequence (S00008). If you would like to follow, WooCommerce store order sequence then please do not check this option.   

  • e-Commerce Apply Tax:

        We have 2 types of options for Tax configuration. You can either follow Odoo’s tax behavior or WooCommerce store’s tax behavior.

    1 ) Follow e-commerce Tax:

            It will consider WooCommerce stores' tax behavior. When we import the order, the connector will find WooCommerce tax in Odoo, if it does not exist in Odoo, it will automatically create it based on the following parameters.

        A) Tax Amount (i.e. 12%)
        B) Tax Type (Sales/Purchase)
        C) Company (Odoo Company)

    2) Follow Odoo Tax:

        The Taxes will be set based on Odoo’s default behavior and Fiscal Position configurations.

  • Credit Note Tax Account:

        You need to set Credit Note Tax Account from this option.

  • Invoice Tax Account:

        You need to set Invoice Tax Account from this option.

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