Order Process Setup

        Order Process Setup is a combination of your WorkFlow Automation and Payment Gateway. You can go to WooCommerce Connector > WooCommerce Integration > Order Process Setup.

  • Payment Gateway:

        Select the payment method for which you would like to configure order process set-up.

  • WooCommerce Financial Status:

        When we import the order, what will be the status of the payment. Either it is ‘The finances have been paid’ or ‘The finances have been not paid’. Select the relevant option from the drop-down.

  • Payment Term:

        Select the payment term.

  • Workflow Automation:

        Set the workflow that you want to set against the payment method (i.e. For the ‘Paypal’ payment method the payment is already received so you can set a work which will create invoice and register the payment (Prepaid order)).

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