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“We succeed in implementing Right ERP Solutions @ Right time understanding exact problem of Client”

SETU Consulting is a global consulting firm capable of
  • Creating Records of Implementing large and successful ERP based project implementations.
  • Possesses Skilled team of 30+ Developers
  • Providing solutions to our clients in Odoo ERP solution, Configuration, implementation, Integration, Support in more than 7 countries
  • Affordable Operational Cost.
  • Unifying and providing Automated workflow for all your business processes by developing and implementing customized front-end as well as back-end ERP solutions using Open source Odoo platform.

Our Expertise includes (We Specialize in):

We have built an expertise in ERP Consulting Services by designing righteous, accurate, on demand Business Solutions.

Odoo Technology Consult

Technology Consulting

We help businesses to select a suitable technological foundation for their ERP solutions. Our technology services lead you to ensure the healthy performance, painless scaling, and effortless management of ERP systems - a pace that is right for your business.

Odoo Design

Design And Implementation

We are experts in designing and Implementing platform-based and custom solutions in ERP systems. Also expert in designing enterprise-wide ERP application software packages that integrate all necessary business functions into a single.

Odoo Integration


We are expert in Streamlining data insights for any business required to interface to other business Solutions by developing and integrating best accurate ERP software and solution, centralizing the data storage system and thus developing Automated workflow.

Customer Focus

Customer Focused Services

We continuously focus on being Customer Centric ERP service Provider and Developer giving paramount importance to customers in demand Timeline, smoothness along with solutions to Customers problem.

Odoo Maintenance Support

Maintenance and Support

We possess expertise in assisting any enterprise to Reintegrate by providing services to resolve functional and user adoption issues with existing ERP systems as a part of , and deliver ERP improvements on a real time-demand basis.

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