Reordering with Order Points

Using the Reordering with Order Point functionality of Advance Reordering can help avoid overstocking and stockouts by accurately determining the Minimum and Maximum quantities, as well as Safety Stock and Buffer Days, based on past sales and purchases.


Reordering with Order Points functionality in Advance Reordering is comprised of the following features:

  1. Reorder products including buffer days.
  2. Multiple Reorder Fulfillment strategies: Options available to reorder include creating a Purchase Order, transferring stock from other warehouses or companies, or utilizing the default strategy in Odoo.
  3. Vendor Selection strategy for the Purchase Order who is either the cheapest or the quickest or specific vendor.
  4. Location Selection strategy to keep stock.
  5. Reorder as per your finance & storage convenience by selecting Coverage Days 
  6. Safety Stock suggestions.

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