Advance Reordering provides advances in functionalities to Minimum Quantity and Maximum Quantity of Odoo by allowing users to know the accurate quantity to purchase or replenish between warehouses to avoid overstock and accurate minimum Quantity to maintain, to avoid Out-of-stock nightmares.

Advance Reordering enhances

  1. Minimum and Maximum Quantity capabilities in Odoo enables users to determine the precise amount to purchase or restock between warehouses, prevent overstocking, and ensure the proper minimum quantity is maintained to avoid stockouts.
  2. Reorder stock including buffer days.
  3. Multiple reorder Fulfillment strategy
  4. For the Purchase Order choose the vendor who is either the cheapest or the quickest or specific vendor.
    Location Selection strategy to keep stock.
  5. Reorder as per your finance & storage convenience.
  6. Demand Calculation strategy that considers all real-time parameters while calculating the actual quantity that should be ordered. 
  7. Get the best benefits and discounts by fulfilling Vendor Minimum Order Quantity through centralized Purchase.
  8. Distributed way facilitated while replenishing the stock.
  9. Automate the process of calculating the demand of products at regular intervals by setting the planner
  10. Avoid human intervention by defining the Autowork flow for calculating the real demand. 
  11. For InterCompany transfer define the priority by creating an Intercompany channel
  12. For InterWarehouse transfer define the priority by creating an Interwarehouse channel.
    Predict Sales of products in the future through Sales Forecast in reordering.

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