Concluding points

  • Thus Replenishment from Warehouse is used to calculate the exact quantity of products to be replenished between the Warehouses.
  • In the field, as seen, Select the list of Warehouses under the Configurations tab to centralize the purchase of Products. The complete flow of transit of products can be centralized and then the transit chain can function for Intercompany Transfer and Interwarehouse Transfer using Intercompany Channel and Interwarehouse channel. Thus replenishment can be centralized manually.

  • In the field, as seen, a Demand Calculation tab is generated showing details about the list of products and the quantity to be delivered to every warehouse under the channel whether of the same company or a different company. 

  • In the field, as seen, a summary tab is generated showing a summary of all products and replenishment destination points.

  • In the field, as seen, once the products to be Replenished are confirmed and complete details about replenishment of list of products and quantity between requestor warehouse and Fulfiller warehouse can be analyzed.

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