This functionality helps to generate reports using different parameters which can be used to do an analysis of Sales of products and thus know the demand of products.

Operational Guide

Generate Sales Forecast Report

For this navigate to

  • In the field, as seen, the Sales Forecast Report can be derived for the required months and thus Forecast Quantity can be compared every month for each product and thus it is helpful in analyzing the demand

  • In the field, as seen, Complete analysis of all the products under calculation for a particular warehouse and for the Fiscal Period used during calculation can be done

  • In the field, as seen, you can choose your own Parameters to use for analysis under the Measures menu. As seen, here for every fiscal period you can also compare Actual Sales Quantity, Forecast Quantity, Average Daily Forecast Quantity, and count for the product.

  • In the field, as seen, You can also use the Filter option to analyze Sales Forecast data providing functionality to derive reports on current year Forecast, Future Forecast, and Last Year's Forecast.