Smart Dashboard Analysis

Smart Dashboard Analysis

  •  Dashboard of RFM Analysis appears as shown below

  •  Various Analyses from the dashboard

    - Customers of which segment generate how much Revenue?

    - What is the number of customers in each segment?

    - How many orders are given by customers now based on the segments to which they belong? 

  •  Compare

    - Revenue generation in each period for each segment

    - Revenue generation by each segment’s customers

    - Number of Customers belonging to each segment

    - Number of Orders given by each segment

    - Number of Leads generated by each segment

  •  For example:

    - Customers who belong to the highest paying segmentation generate total revenue of 57.47 lakhs Rs for the year 2022

    - Likewise from the dashboard itself, you can track 

    - Customers of which segment generates how much of revenue?

    - How much revenue is generated by each segment’s customers every year

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