RFM Analysis

    RFM Analysis is a statistical and analytical solution that divides total customers into 7 different segments based on their purchase behavior like 

    R - When did the customer purchase last time?

    F - How frequently do they visit?

    M - How much revenue do they generate?

    By implementing RFM Analysis in your Business, you would be able to track very easily

Who are your 

  • Champion Customers

  • Highest Paying Customers

  • Loyal Customers

  • New Customers 

  • Customers who have not visited your store since long time

  • Customers visiting frequently

    Along with the division of customers to 7 Segment, this solution also facilitates following additional features like 

Create Mail campaign by segment 
    - Auto update Customer Segments based on new sales’ record

    - Analyze customers’ engagement to business through yearly analysis reports

    - List of all Customers of each segment

    - List of Sale Order by each Segment

    - Revenue generation by segment

    - Lead generation by segment

Track and analyze

    - Sale order by segment

    - Sales quotation by segments

    - Number of orders by segment

    - Number of customers in each segment

    - Number of Mail campaign by segment

    - Number of Open leads by each segment’ customers

    - Number of Request for Quotations by each Segment

    - % Customers of each segment

    - % Orders by each segment customers 

    - % Revenue generated by each segment’s customers

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