RFM segment by Company

To track all details about customers of each segment and their purchasing behavior switch to 

All 7 RFM segments describing purchasing behavior of customers based on segments to which they belong appears as shown below

  •  As seen in the figure, track directly 
  • - How many % of customers of all belong to which Segment?

  • - How many % of orders of total orders of your business are given by customers of which Segment?

  • - Out of total Revenue, how much % of Revenue is generated by which Segment?

  • - Number of open Leads by each Segment

  • - Number of Quotation requests by each Segment

  •  For example

     For Champion segmentation

  •  You can track
  • - Out of the total customers of your Business, 9% of customers belong to a Champion segment

  • - Out of the total orders of your Business, 23% of orders are from customers who belong to a Champion segment

  • - Out of the total Revenue of your Business, 22% of revenue is generated by customers belonging to a Champion segment

  • - There are 6 open leads generated by customers who belong to this segment

  • - 0 Quotation Request by customers of this segment

  • - 0 Total Mailing campaigns were done by you to Customers of this Segment

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