What Analysis can be done from XYZ Analysis Report?

What Analysis can be done from XYZ Analysis Report ?

  • Analytical Conclusion:

    Category X : 

        These products hold the highest stock value(70%) among all. So you should plan to sell these products as early as possible to reduce Cash hold-on time.

    Category Y : 

        These products hold the average stock value(20%) among all. 

    Category Z : 

        These products hold the least stock value(10%) among all. 

  •  Form XYZ Analysis Report you can very easily track
  1. Which products hold the highest stock value and which less?
  2. Identify Inventory Investment Status
  3. Take necessary decisions about how each Inventory item should be monitored and controlled based on its stock value. 
  4. Decide if certain inventories require a strategic sales plan. For example, products belonging to category X should be sold as early as possible so as to reduce Cash hold on time.

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