ABC Sales Analysis Overview

ABC Sales Analaysis Overview

In order to achieve Optimal Revenue sources for your company, you need to diverge your time and energy on the right products that actually help you to achieve your goals. This requires identifying the right products among all. 

The ABC Sales Analysis is an analytical solution that uses an inventory categorization method to assign a class to every item - or SKU or product based on various important parameters like 

  • Sales revenue that each product generates

  • Stock value 

  • Frequency of orders given 

  • Sales Revenue & Stock Value of products simultaneously

    This solution helps you to categorize your sales products into 

  • ABC Sales Analysis and classification

  • ABC-XYZ Combined analysis and classification

  • XYZ analysis & classifications and 

  • ABC Sales Frequency analysis & classification.

    This guide will help you to know

  • How to derive each report in this solution?

  • What type of analysis you can do through this report?

  • How is it beneficial for your Business?

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