Inter Company Transaction

Inter Company Transaction


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  1. Inventory
  2. Inter Company Transfer
  1. Requestor Warehouse
  2.  Select requestor warehouse for which you want to define stock replenishment from source company

  3. Requestor Company
  4.  Select requestor company for which you want to define stock replenishment

  5. Origin Sale Order
  6.  It helps to identify from which sales order an inter company transaction record created

  7. Auto workflow
  8.  Auto workflow allows to process documents automatically based one the configuration done inside the auto workflow

  9. Inter company Channel
  10.  It helps to identify from which channel source an inter company transaction record will be created

  11. Full filler Warehouse
  12.  Select full filler warehouse of the fulfillment company from where the stock will be replenished to requestor company

  13. Full filler Company
  14.  Select the company from where you would like to replenish stock to requestor company

  15. Price list
  16.  Helps to define which prices will be applicable when requestor company purchase goods from fulfiller company

  17. Inter Company User
  18.  All the necessary documents will be created and processed with the selected user

  19. Date
  20.  Date of inter company transfer transaction

  21. Inter Company Transfer Lines
  22.  Define which products, how many quantity at which price requestor company purchase from fulfiller company

Users can easily create inter company transfer lines by importing formatted csv files. Sample file is available in the file import wizard.

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