Inter warehouse channels

Inter warehouse channels


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Inter warehouse channel is the main source to create inter warehouse records automatically when any sales order gets confirmed in the requestor warehouse. System will find an inter warehouse fulfillment channel for the requestor warehouse.

Requestor Warehouse

 A warehouse who is requesting for stock replenishment

Requestor company

 Requestor warehouse’s company

Full filler Warehouse

 A warehouse who is replenish stock to requestor warehouse

Full filler company

 A fulfillment warehouse’s company

Direct transfer to destination without transit location?

 When inter warehouse transfer record gets validated at that time whether need to create single step picking (Fulfiller warehouse to requestor warehouse directly) or it will be in two step (Fulfillment warehouse to Transit location and Transit location to requestor warehouse)

Auto validate inter warehouse transfer record?

 When an automatic inter warehouse record gets created from the inter warehouse channel source then will it needs to be auto validate or not


 For the same requestor warehouse user can configuration multiple replenishment channel sources, system will pick the proper channel based on defined priority

Inter Company User

 All the necessary documents will be created and processed with the selected user


 To enable or disable any inter warehouse channel source

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