How to create the Cash Forecast category?

How to create the Cash Forecast category?

To create a cash forecast category navigate to 

A list of all the cash forecast categories created appears here as shown in the figure below.

  •  Click on CREATE button to create a new Cash Forecast Category

  •  Fill in the details and then click on the Save button


        1. Name

       -> Define a name for Cash Forecast Category.

       2. Is the group for Opening Balance

        Enable this option if the Cash Forecast Category created is to be considered in statistical calculations of Opening Balance.

      3. Group

     Select the group to which this category belongs.

     Cash In : 

            It defines all of the Cash Receipts.

     Cash Out : 

            It defines all of the Cash Expenditures.

     Opening Forecast : 

            It defines the Opening balance group.

     Closing Forecast : 

            It defines the Closing balance group.

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