Support Policy

Support Policy

Consultants are trained in Odoo solutions and also used to deploy a lot of Odoo ERP solutions. They will understand the business needs, define your requirements and provide advice to assist you and increase your productivity.

Odoo consultant helps you to choose the most appropriate system, then deploying, customizing, testing and fine tuning that system are all phases of the project. Though Odoo ERP is simple to use and intuitive, it is of paramount importance to set it correctly so that it works according to the company's needs.

Setu Support Service Standards (Policy)

Over a few years, Setu has built a base of Hundreds of satisfied customers by providing them with high-quality service and being responsive to their concerns. Our dedicated support team makes an equal effort to assist customers in implementing our solutions to meet their goals. Our team works diligently in recognizing issues, resolving them proactively and assist in every step of the way.

Support Hours

Mon - Fri (8:30 AM IST, 6:30PM IST)

Response Time

48 Hours (Working Hours)

The Support Mediums include:

  • The customer is required to provide the access rights requested by the support team. We require Odoo Login Details and Server Access details to attend your ticket.

  • Our apps work on both Community and Enterprise editions (On-premises / Odoo.SH). You can’t use our apps on Odoo online as Odoo doesn’t support third-party app installation.

    • Note : If the application is not compatible with any respected edition then we already mention it on the product page

  • Our apps may connect with third-party services/apps (marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, etc) and if you encounter any issues caused by these services/apps, we will try to fix them only if feasible and under our paid support services.

    • If a third-party service provider will not provide a response or sufficient information to resolve the issue then we will not be able to resolve the issue.

  • We will assist with app installation and provide training for the first time.

  • For the installation of the apps, the customer can contact us, but if they are unable to install an app or if we find a faulty installation, it is not included in the free support service.

This The following services are not included in our free support services:

  • Resolving the misconfiguration of Odoo

  • App Customization specially when customers request any additional features that are not listed on the product page.

  • If a customer has already customized our apps and contacts us for help.

  • Troubleshooting of any third-party app

  • Fixing Server related issues