Odoo Implementation

In this recent era, almost all business operations are integrating to an ERP for efficiency utilization of all the resources. The biggest challenge that any business may face is proper implementation of ERP systems because if not implemented properly may lead to great disaster. Hence it is must for any business to get an ERP system implemented by an odoo implementation expert.

Odoo Implementation

What Do We Serve As Odoo Implementation?

Setu Consulting is one of the best Odoo implementation consulting firms with highly experienced IT professionals who at first view ERP setup phase as one of the most important essential processes. After a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of your business, we at first gain a valuable understanding of your operations, common practices and planning requirements in order to decide a relevant implementation plan and thus help you utilize the full potential of odoo ERP for your business. We focus on assisting customers in a way which aids their business operations to work smoothly in odoo.

So, How Setu Consulting Carries Out Odoo Implementation?

Requirement Gathering
Complete analysis over business problems that keeps bothering the growth is identified and analysis over Automated Processes that can be completely rid off is carried out to decide which solution whether completely new or customized with Odoo ERP can be implemented.
Customisation and development
Once the exact project requirements to solve issues is identified then either the customized solution in existing system or complete new design is developed based on decisions taken during finalization of features and estimation.
Feasibility Analysis
Prior analysis over the best suitable service and solution out of many is analyzed to check its feasibility in Business once implementation will be done.
Training, Support And
Services do not end with implementation and data migration. We extend our service to provide training to your employees too in utilizing optimum outcome from newly implemented Odoo ERP system and/or solution as Odoo being vast and with multiple features, it becomes difficult for employees to optimize the usage, benefiting Business growth.
Odoo Deployment And
Once the solution is designed or customized, during deployment stage complete flexibility over Configurations based on Business requirements is provided. Complete care of all Odoo ERP functions and analytical and customized solutions that match optimum requirements of your business is taken.
Project Specification And
Once decision over solution and service that is best suited is finalized, various project Specification and its cost is estimated
Data Migration
During implementation services of ERP and/or Solutions data migration is a key point task to be performed for any business to run effectively and most efficiently. Utmost care and service is provided by the Setu team in transferring data from existing Old Odoo ERP system and/or solution to the new ERP and/or Solutions and/or Customized solution’s implementation.

Why Us?

  • Senior consultant to shape your business
  • Excellent experience in working on small to large size company
  • Access documentations prepared after analysis
  • Easily available by scheduling a meetings
  • Guaranteed results
  • Transparent And Efficacious communication


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