Odoo Consulting Service

Consultants are trained in Odoo solutions and also used to deploy a lot of Odoo ERP solutions. They will understand the business needs, define your requirements and provide advice to assist you and increase your productivity.

Odoo consultant helps you to choose the most appropriate system, then deploying, customizing, testing and fine tuning that system are all phases of the project. Though Odoo ERP is simple to use and intuitive, it is of paramount importance to set it correctly so that it works according to the company's needs.

Odoo Consulting

Why Do You Need Odoo Consultants?

It is a boon to almost all businesses if there is the availability of Open Source Software that provides base support to store collections of business-related applications and modules including those for Sales Management, ERP Maintenance, E-Commerce, Warehouse Management, Finances, accounting, and other such relevant needs. Odoo fulfills all these needs in the most cost-effective, customized, user-friendly way possible.

Hence businesses looking for ERP solutions are switching to odoo to possess seemingly endless integration options and require odoo consultants possessing the capability to identify needs, fulfill them and ensure the success of odoo implementation projects,s and derive the best benefit from the odoo software, avoiding the risk of ERP Implementation failure.

So, How Setu Consulting Carries Out Odoo Consulting?

Process Recommendation
Improving business is a never ending process. As our understanding of your business grows, we recommend some key points that can improve existing or future processes.
Technical Professional
With Business Management Skills
Our Consultants possess business management skills also along with Master’s in Computer Science to understand the front end requirement of business well.Odoo Consultants at Setu intervenes to define needs, configure odoo, make additional deployments if required, train users, carry out rigorous follow up for best customer support.
Expert In Gap Analysis
And Its Fulfillment
An Odoo consultant is well experienced in understanding the accurate flows that are a hindrance to Business growth and analyzing and finalizing what updated resources and technological aspects in Odoo can meet the new Business standards to sustain in this competitive environment providing them with exact business analysis.
Huge team
Our team possesses Senior consultants to shape your business because of huge analytical skills along with technical support. Sufficient team members at Setu, allowing easy availability by scheduling a meetings
Skilled professional
We, an Odoo implementation partner, have the best project management method to implement Odoo in companies and increase their productivity. Our assets possess professional skills to implement Odoo consultancy in different industry fields such as Pharma Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Agriculture Industry, Construction Industry, eCommerce Industry, beauty product industry, Automotive industry, Retail and Wholesale and many more.

Why Us?

  • Senior consultant to shape your business
  • Excellent experience in working on small to large size company
  • Access documentations prepared after analysis
  • Easily available by scheduling a meetings
  • Guaranteed results
  • Transparent And Efficacious communication


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