Pharma Solution

In the past few years, the global pharmaceutical industry has seen significant advancements and is one of the largest growing industries. Especially, natural pandemics like covid 19 and floods being an imminent threat to living and existence have proven to possess massive changes in this industry and emerged as one of the largest sectors of the healthcare economy.

Increased governmental regulations, cut-throat competition, drug pricing pressure, and rising consumer expectations are some pain points of pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Odoo Consulting

Leading Pharmaceutical industries are using odoo ERP modules that automize all processes involved to sustain at top-notch meeting the market demands by improvising the efficiency of all operations.

Managing and ensuring optimum efficiency of a continuous function of all pharmaceutical operations and practices is made easier with ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Industry. It facilitates global integration of all processes in real-time for the functions of area management, user management, vendor management, finances, expenses, inventory management, customer relationship management, and many more such business processes involved in the pharmaceutical industry.

A Quick Round-up of Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges

  • Lack of Process Integration
  • The tedious activity of area management and distribution among staff
  • Centralizing the creation and tracking of tour plan processes
  • Tracking of the daily call process
  • Managing inventory
  • Managing finances
  • Tracking of expiry, rejections, and wastages
  • Automizing expenses process
  • Assortment and analysis of a large amount of data

ERP solution for Pharma Overview

As the Pharma Industry faces a lot of challenges compared to other industries, addressing the tough set of challenges along with meeting the expectation of human demand for health improvements and better lifestyles becomes a top priority. Companies in Pharma Industry are heavily dependent on data management along with automizing various processes involved. Data generated through the supply chain process in the pharma industry via payment processing, inventory activity, sale orders, purchase orders, invoicing, area management and distribution among users involved, user management, and taxes, are very critical.

With the help of a dedicated Pharma Solution designed on the Odoo ERP platform, pharma industry owners can meet their specific requirements such as automizing all the processes along with data storage and management. Now owners can access the real-time data instantly which helps for effective decisions and strategies.

Pharma Solution Features:

  • Manage Division and Headquarter
  • Staff/Employee Management
  • Effective Daily Call Reporting for Employees
  • Quick & Easy Reports & Analytics
  • Approval based workflow.
  • Tour Planning
  • Expense Management
  • Campaigns
  • Payroll Management along with Sales Incentive
  • Deviation Report
  • Product Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Finance Management
  • Product Expiry Alert System
  • Gift Order Management
  • Product Sample Management
  • Auto Calculate PTR & PTS based on MRP

Benefits OR Advantages:

  • Easy to Manage Multiple Division, Headquarter and Territory
  • Manage Inventory from Depo Warehouse
  • DCR - Employees are free to submit their reports from anywhere anytime
  • Custom Employee Workflows & Approvals at various levels
  • Detail Planning of MR’s Tour
  • Online Travel and Expense Management
  • A Smart Expiry Date Reminder System For Medicines
  • Auto Calculate PTR & PTS based on MRP Without Human interaction
  • Easier to review and report on data via Detailed Analytical Reports
  • With easy product traceability by lots and batches, you can avoid mountains of paperwork
  • Flexible Incentive Structure based on target