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Our Vision

As an Odoo ERP consulting firm, our vision is to equip businesses with innovative and reliable solutions that enhance operational efficiency, support growth, and improve decision-making. We offer personalized consulting services while prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering value-driven results. Our focus is on building lasting relationships with clients by leveraging the latest technology and industry best practices to provide customized solutions. Our culture values innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. We invest in our employees and create a supportive work environment for growth and success. Our aim is to be the leading Odoo ERP consulting provider, known for expertise, professionalism, and delivering impactful results for our clients.

Our Mission

Our company is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their full potential through the effective implementation, customization, and integration of Odoo ERP systems. Our mission is to provide exceptional consulting services that maximize our clients' business processes and increase their efficiency through the effective utilization of the Odoo platform. We believe in the importance of ongoing support and training, and we are committed to ensuring our clients are able to continuously leverage the benefits of their investment in Odoo. Our goal is to help businesses grow and succeed by providing them with the tools and expertise they need to optimize their operations and reach their full potential.

Know our professional journey

Our professional journey has been one of determination, hard work, and dedication to our mission. We have grown and evolved over the years, but our commitment to delivering the best results for our clients has remained unwavering. We are proud of what we have accomplished and excited to see where our journey takes us next.


We know how to manage business globally

With our simple goal of providing efficient and effective Odoo ERP solutions to businesses of all sizes, enabling them to streamline their processes and boost productivity, we embarked our journey with a team of 2 Odoo experts in 2020 as Setu Consulting Services. Since then, we have helped numerous clients streamlining and optimizing their operations and achieving their goals of success.

We became a certified Odoo Learning Partner to help businesses unleash the power of Odoo ERP and optimize their software investment.

In just a few months,we became a certified Ready Partner because of our expertise and knowledge of providing top-notch consulting services by helping businesses succeed with Odoo ERP with growing references in our portfolio.

Participated in Odoo Experience 2021 and represented our talk on "RFM Analysis in Odoo: Accurate Marketing Strategy " at Odoo Experience 2022, the 3-day-long conference to learn more about Odoo's best practices, development, functional capabilities, and business growth from around the world.

Our skilled and enthusiastic development team includes 12+ Odoo-certified developers, that reflects our commitment and excellence in Designing, Development and Implementation of Odoo ERP- based Solutions and Customised Services for Businesses

Participated as an exhibitor and also represented our talk on "Grow your Company and Invest safely thanks to our Cash Forecasting module " at Odoo Experience 2022, the 3-day-long conference.

Our efforts have been recognized by Odoo, who nominated us as the "Best Starter" during the Odoo Experience 2022 in Belgium, acknowledging our exceptional implementation of Odoo ERP-based industry-specific solutions, consulting services, and customized solutions for clients

Our Unique Culture :

How Our Culture Drives Our Success

At the core of everything we do is a commitment to fostering a supportive, inclusive, and dynamic culture that empowers our team to do their best work.

Our unique culture is at the heart of everything we do and is a key factor in our success as a company. We foster a supportive, inclusive, and dynamic environment where our team is empowered to do their best work and continuously improve. Our commitment to our culture is reflected in everything from our hiring process to the way we work with each other and our clients. We believe that a positive and collaborative culture drives creativity, innovation, and, ultimately, business success. By prioritizing our culture, we're able to attract and retain top talent and provide our clients with exceptional service.

Cultivate Supportive Environment

Empower Team Excellence

Reflect Culture Commitment

Drive Creativity, Innovation