11.How to Create Inventory Count Planner ?

How to create Inventory Count Planner ?

  • To Create Inventory Count Planner navigate to

    Configuration/Inventory Count Planner

    => Click on CREATE

    => Fill the details asked in the form.

        => Click on VERIFY button to confirm this planner and start Automatic Execution of this planner that created Inventory Count automatically based on the details entered 


     1. Approver

  • Select Approver who will either Approve or Reject Inventory Count Sessions performed by User. Also, Approve Inventory Adjustment if needed when discrepancy has arrived.

    2. Use Barcode Scanner

  • This Check Box allows you to either Calculate Products manually or with a Barcode scanner.

    3. Warehouse and Location

  • Select the Warehouse and Location for which you wish to Create a Planner.

    4. Type

  • Select the Single Session option here if you wish to perform a Physical Inventory Count for a Single time. 

    5. Products

  • Select Products in this tab for which you wish to set the Inventory Count planner.

    6. Planning Frequency Day

  • Enter the Number of Days here after which you wish the next execution should be performed

    7. Previous execution date

  • This date indicates on which date the previous execution was done

    8. Next execution date 

  • This date indicates on which date the next execution will be done.

Please Note: 

    The Planner set will continue to create Inventory Count on every Next execution Date in a fully Automated way for products selected. To stop further creation of Inventory Count you need to Reset this planner to draft State.

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